Blade Cuts (Single/Multi)

Our blade cuts involves the use of a single size blade all over (1-6). We also offer a multi-blade cut which blends in a shorter blade to a longer blade on top, giving a neat fade look finish.


Wet Cut and Finish

Our wet cut and finish involves the use of a clipper cut on the sides and a scissor cut on top. This technique gives a neat or rugged textured look to the hair once a product has been applied.


Scissor Cuts

As a traditional barber shop we enjoy using the scissor over comb cutting technique. This gives a clean natural look which can be styled to ones preference with the use of appropriate product.


Beard, Shape Up & Eyebrow Trim

Our beard trimming service involves the use of blade attachments to the clients preference as to length and shape. It is then followed by a shape up to give a slick clean look. Eyebrow trims involve the shaping and trimming with either the use of clipper over comb or scissors only.

from £6

Skin Fade

No matter what, our skin fade is so sharp you will be the envy of all your friends.


Long Hair

Our professional experience and attention to detail will get you the look & finish you desire whatever length your hair is.

from £12

Hair Styling Products

We retail Obsession Hair Products to enhance your new hair cut. These products are organic with a natural yet alluring scent in various strengths as to your requirement. The hair products come in Matt, Clay, and Putty texture. We are happy to advise our clients as to suitability for style and look.

large tin £5